Keeping Items Secure While In Storage In Baltimore

When there is a need to place personal belongings in storage in Baltimore, their safety when no one is around to watch over them will be a concern. Many storage facilities have security measures in place to help keep theft at bay. There are, however, a few additional steps that can be taken by the items’ owner to keep them from falling victim to theft.

Place More Expensive Items Near The Back

It is best to place items that are higher value near the back of a storage unit in Baltimore. This will keep them tucked away out of view should someone happen to gain entry to the storage space. Placing them in the back will also make it more difficult for them to be removed without being noticed by someone else visiting the storage facility, making them riskier for a thief to chance to take them.

Make Sure The Unit Has Adequate Lighting

Before renting a storage unit, it is a good idea to take a look at the facility during the nighttime hours. The doorway of a storage unit should be within direct lighting so, it is easier to see if people are lurking in the vicinity. A light in the interior portion will also be helpful if the unit needs to be accessed after the sun goes down. A parking area with ample lighting will also be beneficial in keeping theft from occurring as easily.

Check The Door And Obtain A Lock

Some storage unit facilities will require that the person renting space provides their own locking mechanism. If this is the case, finding one with a short flanged portion is a good idea as it will be harder to remove with wire cutters. It is also important to check that the door to the unit has a tight seal. If the door moves in any way, a thief may be able to use a crowbar or another tool to get themselves inside.

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