Know Your Options When Buying Online Cigars

Whether you consider yourself a cigar smoker, or if you are just looking to buy a gift for someone else, there are many who turn to the internet when they want to buy cigars. Turning to online cigars shops can be a great way to find a huge selection of items and typically these online retailers are able to offer their cigars at more affordable pricing. If you have made the decision to buy online cigars, while you will quickly find this is a great way to buy cigars, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all of the options available as you will have to find the cigars yourself, instead of looking at the options displayed in front of you as you would in a traditional brick and mortar store. Here are some of the main options you will see when turning to stores that sell online cigars. Knowing these options can make your buying experience much easier.

Hand Rolled Cigars
These cigars will typically be more expensive than other cigars because they are rolled by hand instead of made in a machine. These hand rolled cigars are often considered to be of higher quality by many cigar aficionados, but it is all up to personal preference. Keep in mind that when you buy hand rolled cigars they may not look as tight and uniformed as machine made cigars.

Filtered Cigars
As the name suggests these cigars feature a filter in them, much like cigarettes do. In fact, many times because of the size and design of these cigars, many people confuse them with cigarettes. The filter all depends on your preference as a smoker and whether or not you prefer to have a filter in place.

Little Cigars
These are cigars that are great for times when you don’t have an hour to smoke an entire cigar. These are also the cigars where you will typically find flavored options. Little cigars can come in all different strengths and styles and you will typically find the exact same kind of cigar as a much larger option, only made in a smaller package for more convenient use.

The word Cigarillos means cigarette in Spanish. If you are looking to find a small cigar that has a sweet flavoring to it. Depending on the brand many cigarillos will have flavors, like fruit flavors in them meaning you can find anything from strawberry and apple to peach and beyond. These small cigars come in cigarette like packages and like little cigars are ideal when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to smoke.

With these things in mind you will be able to make the best decision possible when it comes to buying your online cigars so you can invest in an option that works for you or the person you are buying for.

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