Knowing About Getting a Bail Bond May Help You in the Future

Bail bonds are simply insurance bonds that are paid to the court to release a defendant from jail while they await their appointed court date. This allows the defendant to resume normal life and make a living while they await the court date. When a person is arrested the court will then decide on the bail amount that the defendant must pay in order to be released from jail. Now this is just held by the court. They do not keep the amount paid for good. The money that was paid in bail is released once the defendant appears in court.

How Bail Amounts are Set

The amounts for bail bonds La Vergne are typically set pretty high to help ensure that the defendant will appear in court at the appointed date. Now this amount does vary drastically depending on each individual case. The judge always reviews all of the details and then makes a ruling on the bail amount.

There are some things that are commonly looked at when trying to determine the amount to set for bail. One of the most common things looked at is a flight risk. That is the risk that the person may flee from the area and not show up for their appointed court date. Some things that a judge will look at includes the length of time at their current place of residence, any ties to family in the area, and even the person’s reputation within the Lawrenceburg community.

Another set of things that a judge looks at when determining the amount of bail that is to be set is the defendant’s work history or current employment status. If the defendant has a history of always being employed and having a steady job with great performance on the job, then the judge will be more likely to offer a lower bail amount. If the defendant does not have a good job history, then the bail may be set much higher.

Finally, the defendant’s criminal history is examined. If they have a history of committing crimes repeatedly, then there is certainly plenty of risk that they will continue to commit more crimes. If that is the case, then the bail amount will be set noticeably higher. If the nature of the crime is a high and aggravated nature, then the bail may also be set higher than it might be for a simple type crime.

There are a lot of factors that go into the decision of setting bail bonds in La Vergne. It is all up to the judge. Often times the amounts are too high for a defendant to pay. That is where a bail bond company can help.

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