Knowing Warning Signs Of Sewer Line Problems Can Save A Lot Of Grief

Replacing a sewer line is expensive. The cost of excavating a damaged pipe runs between $150 and $450 per foot. That includes digging and repairing and/or replacing the pipe. Thus, a mere 10-foot replacement job may easily reach a $4,500 price tag.

Sometimes this expense can be avoided if you catch a problem before it becomes a bigger problem. If you know the warning signs of pipe problems, you may be able to take action before major damage is done.

Warning sign No. 1 is frequent backups. Unfortunately, many people quickly opt for highly toxic liquid drain cleaners in this situation. But professionals say using this stuff is an extremely bad idea. It can damage pipes further and pollute the ground water. It’s best to call a professional who can diagnose the problem.

Warning sign No. 2 is when multiple fixtures in a home or building back up. That means it’s probably not one individual pipe serving, say, the bathroom shower. It may indicate a sewer line problem. In such a case a Bloomington homeowner may want to get out a smartphone and search on, “sewer pipe replacement Bloomington IN” if they suspect the problem is with the sewer line. But let a professional make that determination.

Warning sign No. 3 is “strange reactions” from plumbing fixtures. No, that doesn’t mean your plumbing is haunted! But if the toilet is bubbling in a weird way, it may be a sewer line issue. If other “strange happenings” are frequent, such as when you flush the toilet and water backs up in the shower – it may be time to jump on the internet and search, “sewer pipe replacement Bloomington IN.”

Warning sign No. 4 are changes in your lawn. If you spot odd indentations or areas of inexplicable soggy grass, you may have a sewer line issue.

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