Laminate Versus Hardwood in Mechanicsburg PA

Wood flooring is one of the most sought after amenities in the home finishing market today. People love the warm and streamlined look it brings to a room, plus it is beautiful and timeless. Wood floors never go out of style; therefore it is always a good investment to make in your home. Today’s flooring market presents consumers with a multitude of choices, but two common options are hardwood or laminate flooring. Both types of flooring have their pros and cons. When searching for Hardwood Mechanicsburg, PA or Laminate Flooring Mechanicsburg PA, it is important for a homeowner to do their research and pick the product that best meets their needs and desires. Price is usually one of the biggest factors for homeowners purchasing flooring.. Flooring can be expensive and you must take into consideration what you can afford versus the cost of both products. Hardwood comes with a considerably higher price since it is pieces of solid wood, while laminate wood installation costs on average fifty percent less.

Another major area to consider is that of durability and to assess the wear and tear flooring in your home will receive. Hardwood flooring is more susceptible to scratching, will show wear in heavy trafficked areas, and can be damaged by moisture. Laminate, being an engineered and pressed wood, resists scratches and is more durable. Overall, it handles wear and tear better and is not as prone to damage from moisture. The ability to repair and maintain your flooring is another area to consider, as minor accidents, everyday use, and excessive wear and tear can damage your floors. Hardwood can be refinished, sanded, and imperfections are able to be erased. They can be made to look brand new for generations to come if taken care of properly and their color can be augmented over the years as well. Laminate flooring is not easy to repair, as it cannot be sanded or refinished. The color of the laminate can change over time due to sunlight and age, making it impossible to change out pieces and perfectly match the existing floor color. When deciding on Hardwood Mechanicsburg PA, be realistic about your lifestyle and home in order to select which product to install.

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