Landscaping Services: To the Finish and Beyond

A property owner who has invested in significant landscaping – colored stone, mulch, plants, trees, earth contour, lawn seed, sod and more – understands that landscaping services can vary quite a bit. The services can run the gamut from “simpler” tasks such as lawn mowing to a design that includes all the elements mentioned. Any item will last longer and give its best service if it is properly maintained.

A menu of services might include:

Lawn mowing and trimming

Fertilizing and treating existing lawn

Trimming existing bushes and shrubs

Replacing or upgrading stone, mulch and other materials

Installing or replacing sod

Treatment of vegetation for pests and disease

But a full-service company might also work with a property owner to design landscaping that fits the site and the buildings. That could be followed by installation of elements from grass seed and sod to trees, bushes and other materials. Continued landscaping services may involve sprinklers for the lawn and garden, along with replacement or upgrade of accessories.

More extensive services will also include installing and maintaining a pond or other water element, cleanup of the property in spring and fall, and incorporating landscape elements with holiday themes.

Working Closely with Property Owners

A key to a beautiful and successful project begins with open lines of communication. Careful planning that leads to a meeting of the minds between the landscape professional and the owner will limit the possibility of changes later.

There should be a plan, in writing, that carefully outlines which services will be needed and provided. From the first day of planning through future days of installation and maintenance, it is best to have one person from the service provider working with the property owner (or one person representing that owner).

Many full-service landscape companies offer year-round service that can include snow removal, seasonal cleanup and upgrades, and even holiday decoration that fits perfectly with a specific design.

Property Owner Involvement

One of the keys to a successful relationship between a landscape service company and the property owner is the specific requirements for involvement by the owner. Ask a few detailed questions from the beginning to determine the extent of hands-on work for the property owner and family members.

Some people only want to give the professional designer/installer suggestions or requirements, and then let the full-service company take on the tasks of installation and maintenance. Others wish to be more involved in selecting individual items, such as plants, stone, and other materials.

Of course, one of the most important steps toward making your landscape project successful is taking the time to find a landscaping services company you can trust. Be sure you get the best in materials and workmanship by communicating your needs and desires clearly.

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