Laundry Day Is Easy With the Help of This St. Louis Laundry Business

If you need a linen laundry service in St. Louis, Missouri, let a business that has been successful for many years provide you with the help you need. Choose someone who offers environmentally friendly and long-established laundering services, and make sure your dirty linens and apparel will be picked up at your door and returned to you clean in a couple of days. One linen laundry service that’s highly recommended offers:

Outstanding Commercial Laundry Service

Whether you run a day spa or a medical practice, you can count on this business to make your towels, patient gowns, lab coats, and other washables ultra-clean. If you own a cleaning business, you can count on always having your dirty cleaning rags washed thoroughly. Restaurant owners can depend on this company for laundering their tablecloths and returning them in pristine condition.

Impeccable Residential Laundry Service

If you need your personal laundry washed, this company will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. Your life will be made much easier if you have this laundry service clean your laundry. Your only job will be to stuff your dirty laundry into a supplied laundry bag and leave it by your door for pickup after scheduling a pickup time.

Weekly Diaper Laundry Service

You won’t have to give up using cloth diapers because you don’t have the time or the desire to wash them. Prefold diaper service is offered, and so is wrap rental, insert rental, wipe rental and more. Laundering cloth diapers is made easy.

To get more information, contact Simply Clean Laundry Service at 314-455-8580. Visit us to learn more about the company and the services offered.

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