Learn Important Information on Glass Repair in Elmhurst

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Glass and Mirrors

The windows of a home provide protection, allow light in and make the home more attractive. Unfortunately, glass can sometimes become damaged. Whether due to a stray baseball, vandalism or acts of Mother Nature, Glass Repair in Elmhurst can take care of the repair, so the home is no longer exposed to the elements. A glass repair technician can come out and take care of replacing the broken glass, so the job is done professionally.

When a pane of glass has been broken, whether in a door or window, the repair technician can remove the damaged glass so it can be replaced. The glass is first removed so the sash liner can be cleaned and prepared. This first involves removing the old window putty so the glass can be properly repaired. Removing older putty can sometimes be a time-consuming process. Sometimes, the putty becomes brittle and must be scraped out of the sill.

After carefully cleaning the sill to remove any traces of the old putty or glazier’s compound. The technician will then measure the window to ensure the new piece of glass will be cut to fit perfectly. A new glass pane can be installed to ensure the window is solid and will not allow air in and out.

Once the glass replacement is prepared, it is dry-fit before being fully installed. Dry fitting is crucial for ensuring the glass will fit properly and have no gaps. The window glass is then installed into the sill frame. Using special glaziers’ points and springs, the glass is held in place. The technician then uses glaziers’ compound to seal the glass in place, so no air leaks occur. Most technicians further seal the window with a bead of clear silicone.

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