Learn More About the Process of Getting Dental Implants in Detroit

Everyday life can take a negative toll on your teeth. Habits like smoking and eating sweets can cause rot and cavities. Over time, your adult teeth can fall out and leave wide gaps in your mouth.

Rather than live with gaps in the front and side of your mouth, you can fill them by getting dental implants in Detroit, MI. You can ready yourself for this specialized dental process by learning more about it today.

Strengthening Your Jaw Line
Before you can get dental implants in Detroit, MI, you first must have enough jaw bone in which to set the implants. If your jaw bone is weak or there is not enough bone, you could require a bone transplant from your femur or hip. You then have to allow the transplanted areas to heal before you can undergo the next phase of the implant process.

After your jaw is healed, your dentist will implant the studs on which the ceramic teeth will be affixed. You must allow the studs in your mouth to heal for several weeks before the next step of the process can continue.

Attaching the Ceramic Teeth
When the studs in your jaw are settled and healed, you can then have the ceramic teeth put on them. This process can span two or three appointments. The ceramic looks and feels like real tooth enamel, allowing the implants to take on the appearance of your actual teeth.

It is also sturdy and durable, permitting you to eat most if not all of your regular diet. You can brush and floss your ceramic teeth like usual so that they keep their healthy appearance.

You can find out more about getting dental implants in Detroit, MI, online. Contact DiPilla Dentistry of Detroit at Drdipilla.com to schedule a consultation with the dentist.

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