Learning About Autism and Treatment Providers in Green Bay, WI

It seems you hear about it everywhere these days. However, autism (or at least, the autism we hear about today) has been around for over one hundred years. The term was coined by a Swiss psychiatrist and comes from “autos” (Greek), which means “self.” In this article, we will explore what autism is, symptoms of autism, and possible treatment, such as those through Autism Treatment Providers Green Bay WI.

Autism is a specific type of neurological disorder that affects 1 of every 88 children between ages three and 17. In fact, 1 to 1.5 million Americans live with autism today, and it is the fastest growing disability that affects development. There is a wide range of autism, which is commonly referred to as the “autism spectrum.” Autism can cause difficulties interacting socially, communicating, maintaining eye contact, or reading emotions. Some people with autism also perform repetitive behaviors such as rocking. Browse Website for more details.

There are several symptoms that could mean you child has autism. It is important to identify if your child is autistic early, so that he or she can be given the attention and proper education he or she needs. Early intervention can help a child’s social and language skills, if autism is caught early. Some signs are your baby not showing interest when her mother walks into the room and not really paying attention to games like peek-a-boo. Older babies and toddlers may not have interest in sharing objects or playing with others. Toddlers may flap their hands or have very specific routines that, if disturbed, can upset them unusually.

Luckily, there are many great Autism Treatment Providers Green Bay WI, such as Klein Steven Dr. Many provide in-home treatment that is 100% customized to a child’s needs. Their staff have years and hands-on experience as well as great success stories and proven methods. Most treatment would also be covered by insurance. Treatment can cover items such as communication, self care, social skills, attention, behavior meltdowns, and transition. If you feel your child needs an intervention, look into getting him treatment today so that he can reach his fullest potential!

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