Learning About Dental Emergencies And When An Emergency Dentist in Lusby MD Can Help

Anyone from a senior citizen to a small child might end up requiring the services of an emergency dentist in Lusby MD if they aren’t careful. There are dangers to teeth that some people just aren’t aware of and that leads to accidental damage. A tooth can be damaged while a person is sitting on a couch watching their favourite show and eating.

Eating Can Cause An Emergency

Something as innocent as eating dinner can cause a person to need an emergency dentist in Lusby MD. An eating utensil can cause tooth damage. Biting down with too much force on a bone or something else that is too hard can cause tooth damage. Hard candy is something else that has been known to harm teeth. Fortunately, avoiding tooth damage while eating isn’t that difficult. People just have to slow down and pay attention to what they are doing.

Children Playing

A lot of children love to run around and play outside. They love to go to the playground and play on swings, slides, and jungle gyms. All of that playing comes with a risk. A child can fall and damage a tooth. They could accidentally get hit by another kid while playing. When a child is hurt, it’s important to calm them down so that the injury can looked at. A parent can then determine whether or not their child needs emergency care.

Some Sports Are Risky

Sports can also lead to injuries that damage teeth. Sports like soccer, football, hockey, and basketball all have physical contact. An accidental elbow can chip a tooth or knock it out completely. A tooth that has been knocked out of a person’s mouth has to be quickly collected so that an attempt to reinsert it can be done. There is mouth protection that is sold for athletes that does work well to keep teeth safe. An individual who needs any help can visit a site like docsachs.com.

Physical trauma isn’t the only thing that can cause a need for an emergency dentist. A sudden toothache that causes extreme pain might require immediate attention. People should know who to contact when they need emergency help.

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