Learning About the Continuing Advancements in Fire Alarms in Chicago, IL

Fire alarms originally consisted of humans ringing bells to alert people in the area of danger. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that automatic fire alarms were introduced. Powered by electricity, the devices sensed an increase in heat that triggered an alarm and, in some cases, caused a sprinkler system to turn on. Fire alarms in Chicago IL have advanced substantially beyond this early technology, although some aspects of it remain. For instance, buildings may include wall-mounted devices that people can use to manually activate a fire alarm. A person pulls a lever or pushes a button to activate the alert system.

Commercial and institutional buildings are required by law to have a certain level of fire alert and protection. Apartment complexes also have alarm systems, some of which automatically alert the municipal fire department that the alarm has sounded. The department immediately sends personnel to the scene. Advancements in alarm technology have been of great benefit to these complex owners since in decades past the alarms were not sensitive enough to identify the difference between a slice of burnt toast in an apartment and an actual emergency.

Fire alarm and protection systems provide a sense of safety and security for people in the building and for the owners of the property. Hotel guests and students living in residence halls, for instance, sleep soundly, knowing they’ll be awakened if an emergency arises. The most recent technology for fire alarms enables the devices to precisely detect where the problem has occurred. Previously, the detectors could only identify the general area of the heat or smoke. That’s a significant step forward in helping building owners eliminate fires without causing water damage to large areas that didn’t need to be showered by sprinklers. These are called addressable heads because they each have an address for a specific location in the building. In many instances, older systems can have the new heads replace old ones without having to do an extensive upgrade.

A company such as Alert Protective Services LLC in Chicago can supply and install products to answer a property owner’s needs.

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