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website offers legal services to citizens of Pennsylvania living in Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County and Bucks County. Attorneys at law, both Thomas D. Kenny and Michael Kotik, are dedicated to defending you.

Whether you are in need of a personal injury, a criminal defense lawyer, or have custody or child support issues, this law firm can help. If your case involves disorderly conduct, theft, forgery or a probation violation, you are in luck. These lawyers know how much you do not want to be put in the Philadelphia prison system, and they are devoted to keeping you out of it. They also handle marital agreements and property division cases. While their firm may seem large and impersonal, every attorney is trained to handle each case personally and with the most utmost and precise attention. They will fight for your rights. Remember, you deserve a lawyer who is invested in the outcome of your case as much as you are.

Going through the legal system can be a challenging task, and these attorneys will guide you through the process and make everything easier. They understand the law and the court process. Their goal is to make everything easier to understand. They want you, as their valued client, to understand what is going on in your case and how the courts will likely handle your case. Since every case is unique, the courts make decisions independently. The attorneys know the details the courts are interested in and will explain everything.

This is a trusted law firm in the Philadelphia area. Their reputation speaks for itself since they have provided legal services to hundreds of people. The clients served by this firm are generally pleased with the outcome of their cases. Their determination to fight for you is admirable.

The attorneys are knowledgeable and resourceful. They have the answers to your legal questions and know the value of your time. Nothing compares to the convenience of having all your legal needs met in one place. Why wait to find a respected attorney until you are in a bind? Find the attorneys that meet your needs now.

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