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Lever Chain Hoist – Elements of Safe Lifting

Posted By: Leah Austin

Various types of rigging lifting systems utilize the lever chain hoist. Through the use of pulleys the ropes, heavy loads can be managed efficiently with a system that uses this type of hoist. In brief, a system operated through this type of device must sufficiently match the tension in weight developed by the hoisting system.

As it regards chain hoists, there are many options to choose from. A compact option is available for situations in which low headroom is a reality in conjunction with demanding lifting applications. A lever hoist of this nature can provide exactly what is needed for a lifting scenario.

Characteristics of This Hoist
Lifting and rigging professionals can operate a lever chain hoist that various angles – this includes horizontally and vertically. Other features of this hoist include protection for moisture and dirt, nonslip grip, solid steel construction, 15 degree recover strokes, and positive breaking action.

Proper Lifting Application
With these hoists, you can achieve the stability and strength required for particular rigging projects, including those that involve positioning and lifting, dragging, and pulling.

Lifting Safely
Safety is crucial when it comes to any lifting application or rigging scenario. The proper hardware must be installed and operating according to the required design and function of the entire system. Individuals responsible for the lift or rig must have complete understanding of the application and ensure that all safety precautions are in place and followed. Every lift must be treated with the seriousness it deserves. An experienced provider of lever chain hoist equipment can ensure you have the right product for the right application.

Lifting Protection
Significant risk and danger can be present if objects are lifted in an improper manner. It is absolutely necessary to select a hoist that has the necessary capacities beyond the actual weight lifted in the application. A hoist may have a capacity as little as one half a ton. Other hoists are rated for much larger loads. When selecting your hoist, consult with a rigging/lifting expert before making your final selection.

If you are interested in installing a particular hoist for your application or project, contact experienced wire, rope, and sling company to help you make the right selection.

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