Linear Pendant Lights are an Ideal Lighting Solution for the Kitchen

Linear pendant lighting could very well be the modern design to boost your home’s interior decor needs. It’s easy to find pendant lighting that complements your design aesthetic from the modern farmhouse, ultra-modern, Art Deco, European modern, and more. There is pendant lighting that’s perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, workroom, bedroom, hallway or anywhere, for that matter.

However, the kitchen is where modern linear pendant lighting really shines. Good lighting in the kitchen is essential. Moreover, the kitchen is an extremely functional place, with very little room for the non-essential. That’s why linear pendant lighting is ideal for the kitchen; the linear rows of pendant lights will cast an abundance of light exactly where you need it. What’s more, this type of lighting can really add personality and style to the heart of your home.

To choose just the right style of linear pendant lights for your kitchen, pick up on the finish and color of your cabinet hardware. You can also choose a vintage-style lighting fixture to add character to a simple white contemporary kitchen. Be sure to choose a lighting fixture that performs well as a task light but also creates a warm ambiance for when your friends and family gather in the kitchen.

Be sure to include a variety of kitchen lighting fixtures throughout, to light up your countertops, cabinetry, and shelves. You can incorporate hidden, under-cabinet lighting to light up your workspace. Also, try juxtaposing vintage-style lighting in contemporary kitchens and modern-style lighting in traditional kitchens to create a designer look.

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