Little Known Facts About How Alimony Is Calculated

Calculating alimony may seem like a pretty simple situation. It is often a percentage of the earned income. The question is, where does this information come from? What figures are used? It can be complex to determine how alimony is calculating in your situation. If you are in need of help, turning to a divorce lawyer in Naperville tends to be the best decision.

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when calculating alimony. Here are some of the things you may not have known.

What Income Is Report?
One of the most common problems in determining alimony is understanding how much a person earns. If they own their own company or they do not have a traditional job, it is much easier for them to hide income or not report all of it to those who make decisions about alimony.

What Tax Information Is Used?
Sometimes tax returns are used as a way to determine how much alimony is necessary. However, tax returns may not tell the whole story about what a person is making. That may impact how much he or she pays as well.

What Happens to Alimony When a Child Gets Older?
Your divorce lawyer can provide insight in your situation. However, when a child gets older and is no longer a dependent, the person paying child support may not owe as much. This is the case even if the child remains living at the home and dependent on the parent.

Permanent Alimony Is an Option
Many people think that alimony will change year to year. It can, in some cases. Most of the time, alimony is in place for a set number of years, at which time new decisions are made. However, permanent alimony is something that can be awarded. This may happen in situations where the individual is sick and struggling to provide aid to themselves. If the situation is unlikely to change, this type of award becomes necessary.

Are You Struggling with Alimony?
When you are having problems with alimony, it is best to turn to a divorce lawyer in Naperville to determine what options are available to you. There are options in most situations. This includes insight into the steps you need to take to make adjustments to alimony already in place, or you need to apply for help through alimony. Contact Keller Legal Services for the divorce attorney in Naperville.

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