Looking For Advice On Drug Interactions? Contact A Pharmacy In Mystic For Reliable Advice

A pharmacist is a health care professional who practices in the field of health science for safe and valuable medication use. They are licensed and in most countries must complete an educational degree such as a Doctor of Pharmacy program, to understand drug interactions, drug uses and biochemical mechanisms of drugs. They transfer this information to patients, physicians and other health care providers. A pharmacist plays an important role in providing quality health care to patients. They can offer advice and counsel on many common problems such as the common cold, coughs, aches and pains, high blood pressure, diet and exercise as well as give advice for smoking cessation. Pharmacists may own their own pharmacy or work in hospitals, clinics and even grocery stores.

A pharmacy in Mystic Offers:

A pharmacist as well as certified and experienced pharmacy technicians. Trained pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists dispense prescription medication.

Pharmacies dispense brand name medicine as well as generic medicine. They may offer a prescription refill program with specialized packaging and labels.

Vaccines such as flu shots, shingles vaccine, pneumonia vaccine and others.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Home delivery services for medication and surgical supplies.

Diabetic testing kits with disposable supplies.

Wound care products such as surgical dressings and tape, bandages and skin protection creams as well as compression clothing and gauze.

Ostomy supplies such as colostomy bags, adhesive remover, deodorants, adhesives, and straps.

Medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds and other medical equipment delivered to your home and assembled for you.

Mastectomy products such as breast forms, bras and swimsuits with customized fittings.

Orthopedic braces such as sports braces, wraps and tapes, knee, back, wrist, ankle and elbow braces. Sports protection supplies such as athletic supporters and mouth guards are included.

Most pharmacies accept Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross.

Many pharmacies offer more than medical supplies and medicine. Some also have a photo department, make-up, hair care, office supplies, dental care and more. You can find a pharmacy in Mystic by searching in your local telephone directory. Your health care provider may also be able to recommend a pharmacy for you as well as friends and family.

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