Looking for Dental Implants in Westchester County

Dental Implants are titanium pegs with threads like screws that are implanted in the gum, A prosthetic tooth is fitted on to the post. this is to replace missing teeth or diseased roots of teeth. They improve the patients smile and chewing ability. There are new procedures for implant placement. Once the prosthesis is constructed, a radio-graphic marker is Placed inside the implant and a low radiation CT scan is used to gather information to transfer to a three dimensional diagram of the patients mouth for implant placement. A Surgical diagram is created to reduce the number of implants needed, also this gives the surgeon the opportunity to miss major nerves, sinus cavities and blood vessels. With the virtual diagram the implants can be placed in the proper place to create a beautiful smile as well as the optimal function.

With the advancement of dental implants the surgical procedure itself has advanced as well. There is no longer the need for the cutting of the gum or stitches to the gum which greatly reduces swelling and damage to the gum tissue. Dental Implants Westchester County  or elsewhere drills precise holes on low speed so there is no heat generated, eliminating the need for a water spray which can also damage the tissues within the gum. This process will also keep the gum from bleeding. This will decrease pain and healing time. If a bridge is created the titanium pegs are used to screw the bridge into place and the patient is sent home with the bridge permanently fixed into place. This eliminates the need for more appointments to adjust the bridge for the patient.

Dental Implants Westchester County will repair the bridge if one of the implants happen to fall out or become damaged. This is done by removing the bridge and replacing the implant in the same position as it was beforehand, this cuts down on the need for more appointments and extra cost. This simplified procedure reduces cost, Number of implants required, healing time and pain. The advancement of dental implants with the use of three dimensional imaging has simplified the surgical procedure for the surgeon and the patient. It will also give the patient a beautiful smile.

Dental Implants Westchester County

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