Looking for Jewelry Buyers, Find the Best in Chicago

If you find yourself short of funds, a good place to start is in your jewelry box. Should you visit jewelry buyers or head for a pawnshop? There are a few tips that can help you get the best price.

Don’t Act on Impulse

Always remember, once you have sold the piece, it is gone for good unless you buy it back at a premium. Take time to evaluate that which you have targeted for sale. Most jewelry has some sort of emotional value, so make sure that this value is not more than what you will receive from jewelry buyers. The best candidates for sale are pieces that are broken or outdated or have no emotional value attached to them.

Always Get an Honest Appraisal

Antique or very intricate jewelry is usually worth considerably more than just the weight of precious metal and stones. Always take the piece to an appraiser in Chicago that has an excellent reputation.

Know What You Have

Jewelry is not produced from pure gold; the material is too soft. Most jewelry is 10, 14, or 18K. Find out what yours is and understand that you are paid for the gold content, not the alloys. Check the price of gold. It will not be the price you get from the jewelry buyers, but it is an excellent reference point when you get multiple offers.

Deal with Reputable Jewelry Buyers

Make sure the business is properly licensed to buy jewelry. Work with a company that has been in business for many years, is a member of the Gemological Institute of America and is accredited by the BBB.

The big advantage to selling to local Chicago jewelry buyers rather than try to sell individual pieces to individual people is time. If you want or need to sell quickly and safely, trust a recognized jewelry buyer.

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