Looking to buy a photocopier?

Sooner rather later you get sick and tired of getting in your car and driving down to the nearest copy shop. The cost is high and the aggravation factor is higher. How many times a day must this happen before you say, “we need our own copier.”

Easy to say, sometimes hard to do! Canon in Miami have copy machines that can broach $25,000. If you are a small business you certainly won’t want to go into those leagues, you may be better suited to consider smaller machines, some of which are in the area of $500 up to about $2,000. These machines are ideal for a small business.

What to consider when buying a photocopier

  * The monthly copy quantity
  * The features that you need
  * Space available for the machine
  * How quickly can you see yourself growing out of the machine

These are by far the primary considerations but machine reliability, cost per copy, cost of the consumables and their yield.

What is meant by “Machine Grades”?

You will hear of copy machines being rated by grade. Does Canon in Miami have grades and if so what are they? The answer is yes, Canon in Miami has three grades, and they are PC (personal copier), SBG (standard business grade) and CRG (commercial reprographic grade). PC is usually purchased in an office supply store, SBG are preferred by most businesses and CRG are the choice of companies generating upwards of 10,000 copies per month.

PC Grade copier:

These machines are designed to produce a maximum copy quantity of 1500 per month. Although they are convenient, this factor will soon be overshadowed by the limited features, the high cost per copy and the lack of on-site service.

On the plus side these machines win for instant warm up, operator replaceable drum and toner and low purchase price. On the down side these machines are very slow, the copy cost is high and the paper sizes are limited. In the event of failure, the machine has to be sent to a repair station resulting in a loss of facility for a period of time.

BG copier:

Normally a business grade copier is the ideal choice. They are available in many sizes with many features. Machines can be desk top or stand alone, have cheaper cost per copy and usually have a full suite of options available. These machines max out at about 50,000 copies per month and cost upwards of $15,000 for the top of the range machine. These machines are bullet proof and give many years of stellar service.

CGC machine:

Often these machines have the same features as Business grade machines but the copy volume and speed is greater. These machines are good for 100,000 copies per month at 50 copies per minute. The high end machine can cost upwards of $40,000.

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