Looking to Change Career in 2013?

The first few months of a new year always bring change, and with it many people decide to follow a new path and change their career. If this is the year you’ve decided to move on from your old position, it might be worthwhile seeking career advice from one of the free services available in your area.

Looking for Jobs in Wiltshire and other parts of the UK can be tricky, particularly with the current state of the economy, but by seeking career advice you have already put yourself one step ahead of the competition. A careers adviser will be able to look at your CV, experience and qualifications and help you to stand out in the crowd. This could mean a return to education, an internship or an entry-level role in your chosen career to help you gain experience and confidence.

Free, Impartial Advice

You can use online resources such as the National Careers Service to help you in your search for a new career. Maybe you know what you want to do, or perhaps you need to look at your skills and experience and find out what type of work would suit you. If you’re a recent graduate and have studied a non-vocational degree (such as English, for example), then you may need to talk to someone or carry out some research on the types of positions which you would be best suited to.

The National Careers Service website offers a wealth of information on changing or choosing your career, including job profiles, so you can find out which job would be perfect for you. You’ll also find information on courses and further education, as well as advice on job searching. Interactive tools such as their Action Plan can help you to see what steps you need to take in order to find your perfect career!

Try the Jobcentre

Your local Jobcentre Plus can also offer impartial career advice as well as a CV health check. If you’re already registered as unemployed and searching for Jobs in Wiltshire, your advisor should be able to give you further information on this service, or simply drop in or call to make an appointment. Your CV is your most important tool when hunting for a new job, and it needs to be up to scratch to ensure your success!

Keep it Local

Local colleges usually have a careers adviser who will be happy to offer advice to current students (and sometimes prospective students too). If you’re considering a change of career, returning to full time education or fitting an evening course around your existing job could be the way forward, so making an appointment to discuss your plans with an advisor could be your springboard to a brand new career.

It’s easy to find careers advice either in person or online; use the facilities at your disposal to ensure you have the best possible start when searching for Jobs in Wiltshire and a new career for the future!

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