Main Causes of Concrete Damage That May Require Repair

Concrete is a fact of life if you own a home or some other type of building. Not only may concrete be used in the building itself, it likely is used in all surrounding surface pavement such as driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. While concrete is durable and affordable, it does have issues and can get damaged fairly easily. Here are some of the main reasons you may incur damage and need concrete repair in Broward County, FL.

One of the biggest enemies of concrete is the weather. Rain, humidity, changes in temperature from hot to cold are all things that over time can cause issues with your concrete. Damage from weather usually occurs gradually, so you should act to have your concrete repaired as soon as you start to see signs of weather damage.

Another big cause of damage in concrete is water. Concrete tends to settle when it dries, which can cause tiny cracks. Over time, as water gets into these cracks, it can make them bigger and weaken the concrete, causing it to fail. Making sure your concrete is poured and cured properly and also using a sealant on it can help to minimize any damage caused by water.

Wear and Tear
Concrete can also sustain damage from general wear and tear. Vehicles driving over it, foot traffic, heavy items being dropped on it and chemicals can all cause damage to your concrete. These are some of the harder things to guard against as you may not be able to limit the activity on your concrete surfaces. However, regularly cleaning the surfaces and using an epoxy covering or sealant will help to limit the damage.

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