Maintain a Septic System with Regular Septic Tank Cleaning in Danbury, CT

When a home is not connected to public sewer system, the homeowner is responsible for managing household waste. For most people that means installing and maintaining a septic system. All of the waste from the household’s plumbing system is filtered through this system. That includes the toilets, showers, faucets, dishwasher and clothes washer. It is necessary for the homeowner to care for this system and maintain it properly.

Septic Tank Cleaning Danbury CT is a very important step in a maintenance program. A septic system has two major components. The pipes first connect to a septic tank. After the tank has separated the different kinds of waste, the liquid waste is sent to a leaching field. A septic tank is a large space where household waste collects. It also has bacteria that treat the waste as it enters the tank. Eventually the solids in the liquid separate from it and fall to the bottom of the tank. When the liquid reaches a certain level, it leaves the tank through a series of pipes. These pipes have small holes in them so that the water gradually re-enters the ground. The gravel and earth further filter the bacteria in the water. So when it reaches the water table it is clean and doesn’t cause pollution.

If a septic system is not pumped out on a regular basis, the solid waste in the bottom of the tank can reach the pipe outlet. This means that it will attempt to travel the same route as the liquid waste. Unfortunately, this will just block the pipes and cause the septic system to back up. While the septic tank can be pumped out to alleviate the household back-up, this doesn’t solve the problem. The leaching field needs to be dug up and the pipes replaced. If this isn’t done, the household plumbing will continue to clog up.

Homeowners also have to understand that bacteria treat the waste in the Septic Tank Cleaning Danbury CT. Therefore they should be careful not to use chemicals and substances that kill bacteria and then flush them down the toilet. This also means that they shouldn’t use bleach in the laundry every day. They have to give the bacteria a few days to recover.


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