Maintenance and AC Repair in Toledo OH Are Essential for Efficiency

If you own an air conditioning unit in your home, there are certain procedures you need to perform on a yearly basis to keep it running properly. If you neglect to perform these procedures, you could end up needing extensive AC repair in Toledo OH. There are three major procedures you can perform on your own to ensure the efficiency of your unit. In addition, you should hire a technician to perform a professional inspection.

Check for Rust

Rust inhibits the functionality of the air conditioning unit. Most of the time, it can be seen by the naked eye, making it a repair you can handle on your own. Periodically, walk around your unit and inspect for rust. If you detect any, you should try to eliminate it with steel paint. If this does not work or you are not comfortable attempting to fix it, you can call a professional for help. It is best to take care of the rust as early as possible to prevent it from inhibiting the function of your unit.

Clear the Area

The area surrounding your AC unit needs to be clear of any debris, including plants, grass and leaves. Every so often, it is important to walk around your unit and inspect it. If there are leaves stuck in it, it will not work efficiently and could be a reason you call for AC Repair in Homestead FL. Rather than costing yourself money for a service visit that is unnecessary, inspect your AC unit often for any debris.


A mistake many homeowners make is neglecting to change the air filters. In general, professionals recommend changing them once a month. On the rare occasion, you can stretch it to every other month if the manufacturer of the filter recommends it. If you have anyone in your home who suffers from allergies or any respiratory issues, you should change the filters as often as possible to eliminate complicating their conditions.

Proper maintenance on your air conditioning unit is essential to its efficiency. If you neglect to maintain your unit, it will break down more often, costing you money in unnecessary repairs and possible replacement. If you want to avoid AC repair in Toledo OH, take the time to inspect your AC unit as often as possible, looking for rust, debris and other obstructions that impede its function.

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