Maintenance, Preventative Care, and Repairs to Your HVAC Unit

Routine maintenance for your HVAC unit in Peachtree City, GA is one of the most important things you can do to be sure your unit will last a long time. With a better understanding of maintenance, you’ll be motivated to keep up on this important home care tip.

Professional Maintenance

Why is maintenance so important? The main reason to schedule regular professional visits for your HVAC unit in Peachtree City, GA is to prevent expensive repairs from becoming necessary. This is important so you can enjoy cool days and nights for each season without any surprise outages or breakdowns. The visits are also a vital step in ensuring that your unit is operating at top efficiency.

Home Care

Between visits from professionals, there are some home maintenance steps you can probably handle on your own. These steps include keeping leaves, grass, and other debris away from the unit. Trim your shrubs back routinely. Perform visual inspections of the components you can access and change the filters and humidity pad as directed. Some steps, such as reversing the direction of your ceiling fan with the season and keeping floor and ceiling vents clear, aren’t directly related to your HVAC unit, but they will improve the efficiency of your machine and reduce the amount of work to keep your home comfortable. You’ll also save money if you adjust the thermostat for heating and cooling each season and inspect your doors and windows for any gaps that might allow air loss.

Time for Repairs

Eventually, the time will come for repairs, even with a great maintenance routine. How can you tell if you should call in professionals? If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your heating and cooling bill, if you hear strange sounds or sense weird smells coming from the unit, or if you’ve noticed a distinct drop in heating or cooling, it is time to schedule a repair. The earlier you schedule a visit, the better chance of avoiding more expensive repairs.

Your HVAC unit in Peachtree City, GA should last for several years if you keep up with professional maintenance visits, take preventative care steps at home, and schedule repairs as necessary. Visit website for more information!

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