Maintenance Tips for an Air Conditioner in Phoenix

The best way to keep an Air Conditioner in Phoenix operating both effectively and efficiently is by making sure that it is well maintained. This will also help in preventing costly repair problems as well as prolonging the life of the unit. Many homeowners may want to consider handling some of the routine maintenance of their system on their own. This can be a good option as long as they have a professional perform a thorough inspection of the system at least every two years.

Most homeowners will find that the best time to work on their air conditioner can be a few months before the hot months of summer begin. In taking care of this early they can be sure that the unit will be ready when it is needed the most. In addition, if there are issues that will require a professional repair person, they will have plenty of time to schedule an appointment and have the work done.

One of the main things that needs to be done at least on a yearly basis to keep an air conditioning working at its best is cleaning it. Most units collect a lot of dirt, hair, fibers and other matter. This can clog the unit and cause it to run poorly. While the air filter on the system is designed to stop much of this from entering the unit, it does not prevent all of it from making its way inside.

The easiest way to clean the air conditioning unit that is inside of the home is by using a vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle attachment. This will allow a homeowner to get into the various areas of the unit where dirt tends to collect. A stiff brush can be used to clean any vents or grilles on the system. It can also be used in cleaning off dirt from the fan as well. It is important to check the filter and replace or clean it if it is too dirty to allow air to pass through it.

Once the inside unit is clean, the homeowner will want to spend time cleaning the coils and fins on the unit outside. The coils can be cleaned with water from a high-pressured nozzle. Some areas may be particularly dirty and a household cleaner may be needed as well. Since the fins are very fragile, the will need to be cleaned with a soft brush.


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