Major Advancements in Orthodontic Technology

In the last couple of decades, there have been many advancements in the field of orthodontic technology. Many of these advancements have helped to make the practice easier while others have been more focused on the comfort of the patient. Here are some of the recent advancements that you may or may not know about.

Cone Beam CT Scanners

One of the newest technologies in the field of orthodontics is the in-office cone beam CT scanners. These scanners produce three-dimensional images of the patient’s jaw, skull and the bone structure of their face and head. This helps the orthodontic professional get a complete picture of the patient’s structure so they can get more accurate information about their symptoms and the best treatments for those symptoms. The ability to manipulate these scanned photos and look at them from different angles is very helpful when planning and evaluating the best course of treatment to take for the patient’s issues.


Although surgical-grade titanium screws have been a part of the oral surgery industry for many years, orthodontic miniscrews are relatively new in the practice. These screws, often referred to as TADs, help secure the anchor teeth during procedures so they don’t move around in the process. The anchored teeth can also provide a point of leverage that can be used during orthodontic procedures. A local anesthetic can be used so the patient doesn’t feel any pain while these orthodontic miniscrews are being drilled into the mouth.

Software Programs

Since computer programs are becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s no wonder that there are programs related to new orthodontic technology. One of the best types of programs is the kind that allows the orthodontic professional to create a custom-designed view of a patient’s mouth following the procedure that they are planning to do. For instance, you can create a custom designed view of how a person’s smile is going to look once they have braces installed. Most software programs offer a 3-D view. You can also get virtual photos of how a person’s smile will look following a procedure, and much more.

Clear Braces

Possibly one of the most popular advancements in orthodontic technology is clear braces. Many people want to have their teeth straightened, but they don’t want to use metal braces to accomplish this goal. Metal braces make people self conscious and they can be very uncomfortable. But with clear braces, few people will even notice that someone is wearing them and they are generally more comfortable than other types of braces.

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