Major Benefits To Be Gained From Investing In High Back Chairs

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Home And Garden

Seating technology these days have evolved to a great extent from just a decade ago. Earlier, employees had to do with fixed chair options that were uncomfortable and rigid. With the rise in work related problems and accidents, technology has greatly solver the problem to a good extent. In particular, the ergonomics of high back chairs  at the workspace is now allowing users to select from a wide range of seating positions while working despite their determined body proportions. The height adjustable technology in high back chairs is helping employees easily switch between a standing and sitting posture thereby preventing back ailments and rightly dealing with productivity concerns. Some of the major benefits to be gained from investing in high back chairs include:

* Employee happiness, good health and retention – Research indicates that there is a close connection between the discomfort exerted by the upper musculoskeletal symptoms and low levels of job satisfaction. In short, researchers are of the opinion that when employees feel good about themselves and the job that they are doing, they are able to work as competently and proficiently as possible. Furthermore, for improved employee retention it pays to have a flexible and comfortable office environment. It is also noted that skilled workers are attracted and retained by a sound working environment that is aesthetically and ergonomically appealing.

* Enhanced efficiency – it is important for workers to move out of their office chairs and indulge in little movements every hour during the work-day. Tiny breaks during the day can help in increasing the flow of the blood in the body and cutting down on fatigue. The problem however is that most workspace environments do not have the luxury of allowing employees to take these breaks every hour and hence the flexibility of moving about is restricted. In such a scenario, research has shown that productivity can be enhanced if employees stand intermittently instead of taking micro breaks.

* Positive productivity – One way to ensure that productivity continues to stay positive without employees moving about in the office is to empower the employee to adjust his or her office chair during work hours. Given the dynamic infrastructure of present day’s office environment, technology advances are unavoidable. High back chairs these days support the concept of fluid motion and movement which must be encouraged in the workplace.

* Training and workshops – In addition to selecting the right kinds of high back chairs for your office, encourage employees to indulge in a little bit of exercise every day. This can be done by conducting workshops and training courses especially for those who need to be at the workstations for long hours every day. By educating business owners and employees about the benefits of office ergonomics musculoskeletal disorders can be reduced and prevented. It is important that every employee develops a formal program related to accident prevention customised to the needs of the particular workspace or office and the kind of hazards involved.

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