Making Customers Happy

Perhaps one of the busiest times for restaurants and the best part of the day for customers is happy hour. It’s a time when drinks are sold at a reduced price, usually half off. It’s also a time for restaurants to shine so that they sell more of the other items that are listed on the menu while attracting new customers. The best happy hour in Mesa AZ often features a variety of beverages and foods during a certain time of the day that is clearly announced. A premium menu item should be included on the happy hour menu along with a few more affordable options. This will make it a bit easier to make money without even thinking about it and without customers realizing that they are actually paying for a more expensive item.

One way that restaurants can showcase the best happy hour in Mesa AZ is to use a theme for each day of the week. A tiki adventure on Tuesday or Thursday would be somewhere to start as the restaurant can sell tropical drinks and foods. The decorations should follow the theme for the night as well. Main courses should be offered on a smaller scale during happy hour as this is a promotion that will only last for a few hours in the evening instead of all day.

Happy hour doesn’t always have to be in the evening. It could be first thing in the morning for those who want something for breakfast without spending a lot of money and who aren’t able to go to happy hour later in the day. The best happy hour could coordinate with special events in the city as a way to promote two businesses at one time. Another option would be to promote happy hour on a slow day to attract more business.

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