Making Sure Your Legal Documents Are Handled By A Qualified Atlanta Translation Service

Legal documents such as employment contracts, liability releases, wills and confidentiality agreements contain critical information that, when translated, should be treated with great care and attention to detail. Such documents are among the most important items handled by Atlanta translation services. Customers seeking a qualified legal translator should consider the company’s law experience and translation background.

Understanding Of International Legal Concepts
The requirements for legal wording and content may vary from country to country. Seeking a translation service that has an understanding of not just the language of a specific country, but also of the formatting, length and packaging requirements of legal document in said country is essential for a successful transaction.

Extensive Translating Background
It is insufficient for an Atlanta translation service to have only an understanding of the legal aspects of document translation. Be sure that the legal team translating your documents possesses a background in editing, linguistics, and document review in addition to legal know-how.

Knowledge Of Many Types Of Law
The greater a legal translator’s knowledge of a wide range of law practices, the more confident a client can feel that their document is being translated by a thorough, well-versed group of attorneys. Look for an Atlanta translation service that is skilled in key legal subject areas such as international, contract, property, insurance, tax, commercial, family, and criminal law to ensure that the team of lawyers who is working through your legal documents is as knowledgeable as possible.

Familiarity With Many Types Of Documents
When deciding upon a service to translate your legal forms, ask for background on the types of documentation the service has translated for past clients. Companies who provide legal translation services should be familiar with a large sampling of legal documents, such as depositions, patent and trademark filings, contract translations, license translations and more.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Service specialize in interpreting and translating legal documents for law firms across the world. Our translators are lawyers who hold legal degrees and certifications, and who pride themselves on providing accurate document translation to our valued clients.

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