Making the Switch to Lactose Free Baby Formula

Sometimes it can be a little unnerving to learn that the formula you’ve chosen for your newborn isn’t the right fit. As parents, it feels like we should always have all the answers! There are a variety of reasons you’ll need to make a switch, and one of the most common is that the child needs a lactose free baby formula. Fortunately for you, many companies have catered to this growing trend, and you have quite a few options in terms of brands, pricing, and where to buy. If your child has an intolerance to milk-based formulas, switching to a soy-based product could be the only change you need to make.

Where You Need to Start
It’s important that any type of change in your child’s diet is discussed with your pediatrician. Not only will this ensure they know all there is to know to properly care for your child, it could prevent you from a making a mistake in terms of your child’s diet and nutrition. If you suspect that your child is in need of lactose free baby formula, talk to your doctor before making any kind of purchasing decision. They may be able to steer you in the direction of a brand they trust or even give you various alternatives that can help to make the situation easier on both of you.

The Same Nutrition
Many parents faced with the decision of switching to lactose free baby formula are concerned that their child won’t be getting the same nutrition as provided by a milk-based product. Soy formulas provide the same nutritional benefits as regular formula, just without the cow milk protein and lactose. You’ll still have the DHA, ARA, and other vital nutrients that support eye health, brain development, and immune support. You will in no way be compromising your baby’s nutrition by feeding them a soy-based formula.

Easy on Baby, Easy on You
When your little one is faced with an upset stomach from their food, it’s hard on the both of you. Soy protein is naturally easier to digest than dairy, and switching over can really give their little digestive systems the break they need. If you’re currently suspecting that your little one is uncomfortable, pay close attention to how they’re acting after feeding. If the problem stems from their milk-based formula, now is a great time to discuss with your doctor making a switch over to a lactose-free formula.

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