Mantels Add Warmth and Elegance to Your Home in Salt Lake City, UT

Whether you want to fill your mantel with things you love or surround it with artwork, the possibilities for decorating your mantel may seem endless. Since it’s often the focal point, a mantel should complement the room’s decor while capturing your style. Here are a few tips for decorating mantels in Salt Lake City, UT.

Mounting a TV above the mantel is a popular choice in many homes. While your mantel can act as a shield against the rising heat, some electronics may still get too hot. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for your TV.

Choose Your Anchor Piece
From traditional elegance to country chic, you’ll need an anchor piece to set your theme. Whether it’s an antique vase or a family portrait, bigger is better. Smaller pieces will get lost in the design, and too many little pieces will make your mantel look cluttered.

Create Layers
Unless you’ve mounted your TV above your mantel, consider the space as a blank canvas to add depth to your mantel decor. Framed quotes, mirrors, clocks and paintings are a few ideas for creating a background.

Be a Minimalist
If your mantel is a beautiful piece of architecture that doesn’t need embellishment, take a less-is-more approach. A single pop of color or black and white photo is a simple touch to enhance your mantel. Visit showrooms featuring mantels in Salt Lake City, UT, for inspiration.

Explore the Possibilities
Start with the perfect mantel from Stone Mountain Casting & Design.

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