Material Capabilities Of CNC Precision Machining

Precision machining is in demand by many diverse industries. By utilizing CNC, machining becomes even more reliable and precise. This is valid for a variety of products. It is also applicable to different materials. In fact, in both applications and material use, this process provides manufacturers with versatility in choice.

Material Capabilities

CNC machining is not a one-trick or material pony. It is able to address the demands of industrial facilities for products composed of a variety of substances. Among the most common are:

  • Metals: Modern CNC machinists work with metal every day to produce a variety of parts and products. Among the easiest metal subjected to this process is aluminum. However, it is also common for machinists to use:
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Cast iron
    • Stainless steel
    • Steels
  • Plastics: Plastics offer another material option from which CNC precision machining can produce a viable part or product. Among the more common plastics utilized in this production method are the following:
    • PVC
    • Polyoxymethylene (POM): Known under the following names acetal, polyacetal, and polyformaldehyde
    • Nylon
    • Teflon
  • Wood: CNC machines are popular in the production of wooden objects and components. Among the most popular wood utilized are cherry and pine.
    These materials illustrate the extent of the versatility of the process. It clearly demonstrates the pool of diverse materials available for applications of any type.

Choosing CNC Precision Machining

If your company requires the highest degree of precision in the manufacture of its parts and/or products, consider the benefits of CNC precision machining. It has a well-deserved reputation for delivering tight tolerances. Such accuracy is highly treasured by the medical and military sectors. The ability to render such precision with levels of high repeatability in a variety of materials for numerous types of products and components is another reason why it is important for companies of all types to consider the process next time they must meet exacting specifications.

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