Materials for garage doors, the pros and cons

For most people with a garage, the garage doors came with the house when they first purchased it. Once the house was purchased, the garage door was very rarely thought of, except to hope it was open when you drove into the garage and to make sure it was secured at the end of the day. However, either through incident, age or a renovation project, garage doors can be and often are replaced. When this happens, it is no longer a matter of taking what was there, the homeowner is faced with making a purchase decision from a number of different door materials.


The most popular material for garage doors is steel; this has been true for many years. Steel is a favorite as it is reasonably priced, low in maintenance and is available in a number of different panel designs and colors. The steel door can be ordered in faux wood or it can be painted any color to match the color scheme of the house.

The door quality and life expectancy will often depend on the gauge of the steel used in the manufacture of the door. The least expensive doors use 27-28 gauge steel which is not very resistant to dents, a middle range door uses 25-26 gauge steel and the top of line garage doors are made from 24 gauge steel that can take the bumps and bangs of everyday living better than any of the rest. Steel doors are not good insulators but insulation can be added to the inside of the door if the climate demands it.


Wooden garage doors were the original material used in the construction of the door. Wood has the advantage of being a superior insulator compared to steel, but it requires considerably more maintenance than does steel. Wood doors can be stained or painted but if they are not ell maintained they can begin to crack, split and warp. Any of these issues can make the fit of the door awkward. Unless the homeowner is willing to give the door the attention it needs, wood may not be a good choice.

Wood composite:

Garage doors made from wood composite are more expensive than steel but less expensive than wood. They look like wood but do not require the same high maintenance demands. Wood composite doors are often made from plastic, wood fiber or wood chips mixed with resin. The composite door is very good at resisting cracks, splits or any form of rot. It is an excellent choice where the homeowner wants the look of wood but the durability and lack of maintenance offered by steel.

To round out the material offering, there is vinyl and aluminum, neither of which are very popular as they dent easy and do not hold up to weather over an extended period of time.

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