Meet the Newest Additions to the Festool Family

If you know your tools, you definitely are familiar with the Festool brand. Festool makes some of the most well respected and high performing tools on the market. They are constantly making their tools bigger, better, stronger and more powerful, meaning that the users of this brand can always expect something amazing. Two of the newest members of the Festool family, the Festool Domino and the Festool TS 75  (the last model is 75 not 55 so I changed) are no exception to this rule.

The Top of the Line Joining System

Joining isn’t generally the most favorite job around the workshop but with the addition of the Festool Domino, joining has gotten a lot easier. The official name of this joiner is the Domino DF 500 and fans of the Festool brand will really see why this tool deserves a place in this brand family. The DF 500 has a revolutionary way of cutting, features improved indexing and with the adjustable mortise sizing, you will make perfect mortises each time you use the joiner. There is a pivoting fence on this joiner that allows you to create 0 to 90 degree mortises as well as indexing pins that will give you accurate placement.

Welcome a Top of the Line Circular Saw

Festool has always produced fine working tools and the TS 75 is another to add to the list. The TS 75 circular saw is a revolutionary product that features several new refinements which are an improvement upon an already pretty good saw. The TS 75 will surprise you in several ways. First of all, it is very light when compared to other circular saws which helps it to handle easier. You will also find that the saw features FastFix blade changes, a spring loaded riving knife, an amazing dust retraction system and a 55 mm cutting depth which will give users of this saw an almost 2 inch cutting capacity.

It should be no surprise to anyone who is familiar with Festool that these new tools are both highly efficient as well as a great value for your money. If you are looking for a new joining system or circular saw for your home or business, these from Festool will certainly not steer you wrong. Make sure to only buy these tools from an authorized Festool dealer.

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