Meet Your Insurance Requirements with Fine Art Storage Service

When artifacts are not being displayed in an exhibit, they need to be stored away until the items are used again. Priceless paintings, ceramic vases, and valuable antiques require proper storage to prevent them from degrading or being damaged when they are not being used. If the items are not stored properly they can be subjected to elements that cause the material to deteriorate over time or they are broken from being mishandled. A fine art storage service in Orange County delivers the experienced workers and quality services to keep your property safe long or short-term. In addition to exceeding the stipulations that most insurances companies require to provide coverage for the valuable items.

Durable Crating and Climate Controlled Environment

If you require fine art storage services in Orange County, you want to find a facility that provides museum type conditions. An environment that is designed to prevent various materials from being destroyed by extreme temperature changes. A facility that always maintains the same climate to prevent hot temperatures from causing pain to chip or moisture from destroying valuable documents. In addition, a storage company that customizes the crates required to place the items to prevent them from being damaged during transportation.

Around the Clock Security

At Art Pack, they know most insurance companies’ requirements for covering priceless artifacts. That is why they strive to exceed these requirements with their state-of-the-art security system. A system that is monitored 24-hours a day to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the valuable items. In addition to a fire and smoke detector that will immediately start the process of protecting the artifacts from being damaged. Consult with their skilled workers who are familiar with handling fine art to learn how they can store your items for you.

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