Methods of body sculpting explained

When you stick to a diet, exercise regularly and stay away from substances that are harmful to your body but you cannot lose those final five to ten pounds, it can be deflating. The thinner you become, the harder you have to work to burn calories.

When there was more of you, it was easy to burn calories faster because your movements required more effort. If you believe you have done everything you could on your part, you have alternative options, including body sculpting in Minneapolis.

What is Body Sculpting?

The goal of a body sculpting procedure is to burn fat cells. Procedures that get rid of fat from unwanted areas have existed for a few decades, but they traditionally involved surgery. Liposuction, for example, is a procedure that has delivered results but it is invasive. A sculpting procedure is non-invasive. The goal is to reshape parts of your body. Often, patients request a flatter abdomen, thinner thighs or a rounder bottom. The upper arms tend to get flabby even for those who regularly strength train, so it is a popular request as well.

Freezing Method

If you opt for the freezing method, clinics for body sculpting in Minneapolis, will use a vacuum machine designed for this procedure to blast the desired area with freezing cold. The blast is so cold it crystallizes the fat cells. In some cases, you can see small, positive results after the first session. The full effects require six sessions in total.

Heating Method

A heating method is also used to melt fat cells from unwanted areas without invasive surgical methods. Lasers are utilized to target specific areas. Essentially, the lasers break up the fat cells, and your body will flush them out. Results are most visible after six sessions.

Both of these procedures are for very specific fat removal, such as if you still have pockets of fat on your thighs or love handles after all your efforts to lose weight.

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