Minimally Invasive Solutions to BPH

Unsolvable prostate health challenges and discomfort are no longer an inevitable outcome of aging in men. UroLift surgery is a minimally invasive solution to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostate enlargement. Tricounty Urology Associates performs UroLift surgery Pittsburgh for men seeking relief from the various symptoms of BPH.

What Exactly is BPH?

BPH refers to an enlargement of the prostate that affects 500 million aging men worldwide. It’s much more common in men over 45. An enlarged prostate presses on and blocks your urethra, the duct that allows you to comfortably empty your bladder. As your prostate continues to enlarge and your urethra becomes more compressed, several telltale symptoms of BPH ensue.

There is a marked degree of discomfort. The frequent need to urinate is common. Urination may take time to actually begin, with involuntary stops and starts and/or a sensation that the bladder is never completely empty.

How UroLift Alleviates BPH

UroLift entails the insertion of implants that lift and hold the enlarged prostate, preventing it from constricting the urethra. The procedure is in-patient, takes less than an hour and does not require cutting, heating or removal of any tissue.

Using local anesthesia, a physician inserts the UroLift implants through your urethra. The implants are permanent. They alleviate the symptoms of BPH by holding the enlarged prostate up and out of the way of your urethra. Post-op, most men can go home the same day without having to use a catheter.

There is little to no post-op downtime, and most men enjoy relief from symptoms in as little as two weeks. UroLift also does not create any new, sustained erectile or ejaculation dysfunction.

Potential candidates for UroLift are usually over 45 and already have symptoms of BPH. If you suspect you’re a candidate, speak to your urologist to see if UroLift surgery Pittsburgh is a viable solution to your BPH.

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