Misconceptions That Result in Calls to a Plumbing Company in Boynton Beach FL

A Plumbing Company in Boynton Beach FL often is called for help because of behavior directly related to a person’s misconceptions about the equipment. Those beliefs can lead to activities that are not good for the system and result in clogged drains, sewer backups, malfunctioning garbage disposals and other problems.

Garbage Disposals

Some households put practically all their food waste in the garbage disposal, but the equipment isn’t built to handle every substance. The residents should read the instructions that came with the equipment or look up the list of approved materials online. Also, grinding up ice cubes in the device doesn’t sharpen the blades. However, it does remove bits of debris that have gotten stuck and can start causing unpleasant odors.

Drain Clog Products

Many people figure that using drain clog removal products from the hardware store are effective at busting up these blockages. Instead, what tends to happen is they have to keep pouring the liquid or powder into the drain over and over, perhaps every few weeks or every few months. They feel like this saves money instead of calling a Plumbing Company in Boynton Beach FL, but the clog is never fully removed this way. Over time, they spend a lot of cash on toxic chemicals and always have a drain that is a bit sluggish.

Flushing Issues

It’s common for people to flush all sorts of things down the toilet without realizing the problems this can cause. Some items are widely considered as acceptable to flush when they really are not.

The sanitary wipe is an example. What problem could this thin piece of material possibly cause? The wipes do not biodegrade as toilet paper does, so they can catch onto tiny tree roots that grow into loose joints in the sewer pipe. Eventually, enough of them can cause a sewer backup that must be resolved by a company such as Moody Plumbing. Also, these items cause problems at sewage treatment plants that have filters susceptible to getting clogged by these wipes. Anyone who needs assistance with a plumbing problem may Click Here to learn about this particular company.

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