Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An Oil Water Separator

Machine shops or other facilities using any type of machining equipment benefit from the use of an oil water separator. This equipment can also be used for parts washing equipment as well as wastewater treatment or chemical waste treatment.

These low-cost pieces of equipment have a very high return on investment, with the ability to extend the life of industrial coolant, to protect equipment and increase the life cycle of cutting tools and machines.

There are differences in oil water separator systems available on the market. Researching the various makes, models, and manufacturers can help any business to find the ideal system to meet their equipment and their budget needs.

Buying Cheaply Made Equipment

With any type of equipment used in a shop or an industrial application, buying on price alone is always a problem. Quality equipment is built to last, and it is also more effective at removing not only the surface tramp oil but also small droplets of oil that may be trapped or loosely emulsified in the coolant.

Choose the Correct Size

Top quality systems are designed to offer the most effective size for the specific application. Choosing the correct size of oil water separator, given the equipment used in a facility, is always critical.

Choosing a system that is too small leads to inefficiencies in being able to process the coolant while choosing a system that is too large is also inefficient. When making a purchase for a separator, consider the immediate needs of the shop or equipment, and then also any increases in those needs in the next couple of years.

By considering what is needed in the near future, particularly for a shop that is expanding equipment and services, the separator selected can continue to be correctly sized after the expansion.

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