Mold Inspection Service in Miami Beach: Keeping Mold Growth and Its Effects at Bay

Excess moisture can cause a number of problems, not the least of which is property damage. It may lead to stains on walls, flooring and other structural elements as well as decaying wood, destroyed carpets and crumbling Sheetrock. If left to its own devices, moisture can also destroy furniture, clothing and other belongings. On top of all this, it creates a prime breeding ground for mold. This, in itself, is a significant issue if not caught early by a Mold Inspection Service in Miami Beach.

How Mold Gets into a Home

Flooding is a common predecessor to mold growth due to standing water and large amounts of lingering moisture. Of course, large-scale flooding isn’t the only source of mold. It can grow in virtually any area where humidity runs high or moisture regularly collects. Some of these include heating and air conditioning vents, around leaking pipes or roof leaks and in basements. In some cases, these leaks go unnoticed until they and their resulting mold growth get out of hand.

Health Issues Caused by Mold

Some people have no reaction whatsoever to mold, but many are sensitive to this potentially dangerous fungus. Sneezing and stuffiness are common symptoms of exposure as are itchy eyes, skin irritation, coughing and breathing difficulties. Young people, the elderly and those with asthma, COPD and compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable to the effects of mold.

How to Keep Mold at Bay

Keep a continual check for leaks around the home especially in basements, crawl spaces, attics, under sinks and around doors and windows. If any leaks are found, have them repaired as soon as possible. Have ventilation fans installed in bathrooms to help keep humidity and moisture levels low. Be sure to have air ducts and vents cleaned on a regular basis. If in doubt, call in a Mold Inspection Service in Miami Beach for further guidance.

Mold often grows in hidden areas with the only warnings signs of its presence being the symptoms people experience. In many cases, they’re initially mistaken for simple colds or allergies. If these symptoms persist, mold could be the cause. Though it’s possible to thwart its growth, it can’t always be prevented altogether without professional assistance. Contact PuroClean of Aventura to learn more.

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