More Comfortable Medical Imagine in St. Paul, MN

Medical imagine technology is enabling doctors to do extraordinary things. They can see internal damage in the human body that they previously could not have perceived without actually doing a surgery to go in and look with their own eyes. This is not always being applied in ways that maximize the benefits to patients, however. When your doctor tells you that you need an MRI, you should know that you have a right to choose where you get your medical imaging in St Paul MN.

Part of the benefit of alternative imaging centers is increased comfort during the process of having the scan done. The typical MRI machine has you lying in an extremely tight space that can leave many people feeling trapped, uncomfortable, and distressed. For some patients, particularly children and others who can’t fully understand what is going on, this makes for a traumatic experience and can even lead to a need for sedatives to be used to keep the patient still and quiet enough to get the images that the doctor needs to make a diagnosis.

What many patients do not realize is that medical imaging technology has progressed beyond the point where we really require these kinds of tight spaces. There are now facilities that can offer a technology that is commonly known as open MRI or positional MRI. It basically means that you get the images taken in a much more open space where there is enough room for you to be in any number of different positions, whether sitting, standing, bending, or even still lying down. For cases involving children, it is often even possible for a parent to go in with them to help them stay calm and comfortable rather than being traumatized by the process.

You don’t have to simply go wherever you are directed when you need an MRI. Doctors sometimes have relationships with specific facilities and by default will refer their patients to them. You do have a right, though, to talk to your doctor and to tell him that you want an open MRI so that you or your loved ones can be more comfortable while the medical professionals get the information that they need.

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