Motorcyclists Need Motorcycle Key Blanks

The task of getting new keys for a motorcycle can actually be a lot tougher than many people think. The reason is that motorcycles require unique keys for their ignition systems. In order to get new keys for the motorcycle, special motorcycle key blanks are needed. The problem is that most locksmiths do not carry these types of key blanks. They have to either be purchased from an authorized motorcycle retailer or direct from the manufacturer.

So what exactly are motorcycle key blanks? Well they are specially shaped blanks that are designed to fit the ignition systems of specific to each motorcycle manufacturer and model once it has been cut. Not just any key blank can be cut for a motorcycle ignition system. Now once a key blank is obtained a locksmith can then cut the key to perfectly match the ignition system of the motorcycle.

How to Find the Right Key Blank

In order to get a key blank that is perfectly matched to the motorcycle manufacturer and model, the right code series must be known. Each key has its own unique code series. This can be found by checking the motorcycle manual or by checking the with motorcycle manufacturer. The code series usually involve two sets of alpha numeric numbers. Any retailer of key blanks for motorcycles can then take the code series and find the matching key blank.

Some motorcycle enthusiasts really wish to be unique. One of the ways to express this is with a truly unique and custom motorcycle key. There are retailers that offer custom key blanks for just about all major motorcycle manufacturers and models. Popular objects like skulls, barrels, characters, and 3D objects can be fashioned on the end of the motorcycle key for that perfect custom touch to the motorcycle.

Where to Find Motorcycle Key Blanks

Regardless of preference in style, the best way to save money on motorcycle keys is to purchase motorcycle key blanks from specialty retailers. Then take the key blanks to any local locksmith and have them fashion the key for the motorcycle. A few wholesalers do offer the service of cutting the keys for customers who purchase key blanks. In this case, the customer will have to send in his or her key to have the blanks cut.

Overall, the process of obtaining new replacement keys for a motorcycle does require an extra step since most stores do not normally stock key blanks for motorcycles. Even so the extra step is quite painless. There are plenty of retailers who sell key blanks specifically for all major motorcycle manufacturers and models. Once a motorcycle key blank has been obtained a new key can be cut within seconds. It will be perfectly fit and ready for use on the open road.

Key Craze offers a unique collection of motorcycle key blanks as well as key blanks, novelty keys, and key accessories. The key designs are unique and colorful making them appealing to all types of customers. Keys are made using special non-eroding inks, making them extremely durable and scratch and fade resistant.

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