Moving and Packing Antiques and Valuables

Moving can be a stressful time, especially if you have high priced valuables or antiques to move. With the right moving company you can reduce your stress and ensure that your antiques or other valuables are packed and moved without a problem. But how do you know you have a moving company with the experience to pack and ship your valuables? What do you do about insurance? If you follow the tips below, you can make your move easy and feel comfortable letting the moving services in Ottawa pack and ship your antiques or high priced possessions.

Get References for Movers and Packers in Ottawa

The first step in feeling confident with your movers is to get references for different companies. You can either get word of mouth references or research online. Many online references are genuine and with the number of different sites available to talk about everything from moving companies to restaurants, you’re sure to find a site that has the movers you want to use. Once you find good references for moving services in Ottawa, call the company and see if they have the tools and experience to move antiques and valuable items.

Look Into Moving Insurance

The movers and packers in Ottawa will offer general moving insurance in the event of a loss, but you can also look into personal moving insurance. For very expensive belongings or irreplaceable antiques, it’s recommended to purchase additional insurance to ensure you get compensation should the moving company have an accident that results in damage or loss of your items. The moving company may offer additional insurance or you can look around for third party moving insurance.

Expert Packing with Moving Services of Ottawa

One of the main reasons you should consider professional moving services that have experience with antiques is that they will have the packing materials and equipment necessary to safely move your items. There’s more to moving than just boxes and protective foam. You need a company that can safely lift heavier items, knows how to take apart fragile items that should be moved in pieces, and has larger boxes and packing materials. Gerry’s Moving is a company that specializes in moving antiques and expensive valuables for both residential and business clients. With the right movers, you can have a positive, relaxed moving experience.

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