Mutually-Beneficial Business with Scrap Copper Recycling in Baltimore, MD

Each year in the U.S., 1.8 million tons of copper gets recycled. Advantageously, without the environmental unsustainability that comes along with mining and refining metal, Scrap Copper Recycling in Baltimore MD brings a rebirth to unwanted metal. The scrap metal is revived — brought to new glory — so that it can be reused, thus eliminating the inherent dangers of having heaps of mine tailings, which require exhaustive management.

If you have unwanted scrap copper taking up space at your business or residence, Mid-Atlantic Metals, Inc. can clean up the metal rubbage and put money in your pocket. A member of our knowledgeable staff of experts will determine what would be a fair and lucrative deal for you. Our team is knowledgeable and stays abreast of the current market value of scrap metal to offer you a handsome payout for playing a part that contributes to the cleanliness of the environment.

Do you have an unmanageable excessive amount of unwanted metal which you cannot feasibly transport on your own to our location? Let us carry that concern. With the convenient pick-up or roll-off service we offer, the only thing that you will be left to worry about is how best to spend the extra cash you will be receiving soon. Just call us, and we will arrange a time for sorting and pickup.

We carry out scrap copper recycling in Baltimore, MD in full compliance with the local environmental regulations. We dispose of the metal with zeal and earnest devotion to ecological efficiency.

Mid-Atlantic Metals, Inc. has been the premier recycling choice for numerous clients in the area for years. Since the beginning, we have operated with an unfailing commitment to providing impeccable professionalism and courteous service that has warranted our respected reputation and mainstay in the industry.

Our metal experts make the entire business transaction a seamless process that, in the end, feels more like a charitable environmentalist act than a mercantile one. In the end, our company gets to leave yet another “green” thumbprint, you would have freed up your living or work space from unwanted scraps — plus awarded a top-dollar compensation — and our biosphere can continue to thrive. It will be a win for all entities involved, and all it takes is one call. Contact us today for our service.

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