Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Fort Collins? Get Acquainted with a Few Facts First.

Just as cycling has become a more popular means both of exercise and automobile-free commuting from place to place, so has the potential for serious and lethal injury become more common. In 2014 alone, there were 720 cyclist deaths that occurred as a result of accidents with motor vehicles. That may be negligible compared to auto accident deaths, but each day on the road there is the potential for a crash and a life-changing or life-ending injury.

Bicyclists are obliged to follow the traffic laws the same as motorists, and they can be held liable for negligence in creating an accident situation. Any bicycle accident lawyer in Fort Collins will tell a client the same thing. On the flip-side, motorists have to observe all caution with respect to bicyclists the same as with pedestrians or other motorists. As a result, an accident situation is subjected to the same investigative scrutiny from the police as is the case of any other vehicular incident. Police at the scene of the accident will try to determine one thing: on which side does negligence lie? Did the driver fail to observe all due precaution and drive in a reckless manner, thereby prompting the accident? Or, did the cyclist recklessly turn into or ride across the automotive driver’s path? The entire case will turn on this point.

If a cyclist was riding the wrong way up a one-way street, or they ran past a stop, turned abruptly into traffic or wasn’t watching where he or she was riding and therefore ended up in the path of an oncoming car, they have no chance of recovering damages for physical trauma and property damage sustained in the accident. They will also face legal liabilities and damage claims from the driver of the car. On the other hand, a reckless driver who failed to observe all traffic cautions and caused the accident may be subjected to a harsher judgment, especially if a cyclist death is involved.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Burton & Burton have considerable experience in accident law and can help with your case. Call for a consultation when you need a good bicycle accident lawyer in Fort Collins to see if there is an actionable claim or if a defense in court is necessary.

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