Need a Disability Lawyer, Find One in Oak Ridge

There are two federal programs available for people suffering from a physical or mental disability: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). If you are thinking of claiming one of these programs, you might wonder if hiring a disability lawyer might help you to prepare or defend a winning claim.

It Is an Advantage to Have a Lawyer

Numerous studies have been made in Oak Ridge and elsewhere. The results show that a claimant who has a lawyer is at a definite advantage. Of those people surveyed, 60 percent of those with legal representation were successful in being approved while only 34 percent of those that did not hire a lawyer were successful.

Having a Lawyer at the Application Stage

The initial application is very much the same regardless of whether the claim is for SSDI or SSI. Once the claim form has been completed, the first test by the Administration is to see that you meet the income and work history requirements. If you don’t pass this stage, you will be denied benefits. If you do pass, your claim will be evaluated based on the medical evidence provided.

Very few claims are approved at this stage, and less than 25 percent of the claims are approved. Although, of those claims where a lawyer was involved, the approval rate was higher.

The Appeal Hearing

When a claim is denied, the claimant can ask for a reconsideration of the decision, most of which end up being denied again. When the case goes to appeal in the presence of an administrative law judge in Oak Ridge. This is where having a disability lawyer makes a big difference. Claimants that are represented win their case almost twice as often as those that go it alone, 50 percent to 23 percent.

As a disability lawyer works on a contingency fee basis and is paid from your back-pay award, it makes a great deal of sense to hire an experienced lawyer.

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