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Need Industrial Refrigeration, Find It in California

Posted By: Leah Austin

Industrial refrigeration is used in many different industries, including manufacturing and processing. In California, a significant sector that requires refrigeration on an industrial scale are industries involved in the storage, processing, and nationwide distribution of perishable fruits and vegetables. Products that pass through the refrigeration process are maintained at the temperature it was when delivered to the refrigeration facility, or the temperature is to be dropped.

Cooling Requirements

There are a considerable number of variables involved in the design of industrial refrigeration. To understand the way the units are used, it is best to look at three sub-sectors of an industry.

  • Large systems: Large systems can be the size of a warehouse. These facilities are cooled to the desired temperature from a central compressor. These systems are used to cool huge volumes of product that is stored at a common temperature. The product is brought to the site.
  • Small and medium systems: The majority of industrial refrigeration units in California fit into this sector. These units are dedicated to a specific product or cooling demand. In most cases, these units are located close to the operation.

Industrial refrigeration units are designed to operate at different temperatures. The temperature in the room depends on the product and the application. In the food processing industry, which is large in California, the temperature is maintained close to that found in a domestic refrigerator. The normal temperature for this application varies from 0 to 8 degrees F.


When designing an industrial refrigeration unit, certain factors are taken into account. When the product that is to be placed in the refrigerated area is brought in at ambient temperature, the design is very different. Bringing the temperature down to 5 degrees F is very different than bringing the temperature down to minus 50 F.

Systems that are under or oversized will not operate efficiently. This will result in loss of product and excessive energy consumption.

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