Not All Caster Suppliers are the Same

Do you manufacture equipment which needs to roll smoothly? If so, you may want to consider high-quality Darcor casters for you Michigan Company. Not all suppliers can give you high-quality products and the best services. Here are some important features to consider when you look for the best caster supplier.


Casters are an important part of many kinds of equipment. However, in addition to quality made Darcor casters in Michigan, you may need other things too. For example, tow carts need special wheels which resist friction and can handle the stress and strain of heavy loads.

Perhaps you have special needs for drive wheels. What can you do if your supplier carries a limited amount of selections? You need a company who can give you custom drive wheels made from the best materials.

Do you manufacture products which must withstand harsh or difficult environments? Standard casters are not up to the task, and you may need casters made from rust-resistant stainless steel. If your supplier cannot provide them, then you must go elsewhere.

Maybe you make carts which must roll easily, but the operator needs them to stay in place sometimes. Look for a company who can give you products like Darcor casters in Michigan and heavy-duty floor locks. The best floor locks are strong, sturdy, and simple to operate with a touch of the foot.


The service you receive is just as important as the products. Look for a company like Casters & Equipment Co, offering custom products with technical assistance. The best companies treat you as their most important asset. They can give you demonstrations on site and valuable push or pull evaluations. Top suppliers are there to help you take better care of your customers because your success is in their best interests.

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