Office Space for Rent in NYC like You Never Imagined

Have you considered office space for rent in NYC but became a bit gun shy when you realize the cost? You are not alone! In today’s mobile society really the need for permanent office space rental is a thing of the past. You are no longer tied to your desk waiting for a land line to ring or hanging in there waiting for a fax. Today you can move about, conduct business and get all the information you need on the go. Do you really need an office space on a yearly basis that is going to chew up revenue? No, you don’t!

You Have Options
What if you only need an office for a few hours? Maybe you just need to be able to focus on a big project that you just cannot do at your home office, maybe you just need a space to finish that report. What if you could?

  • Rent by the hour
  • Rent a great virtual address
  • Rent a space for a few days

What if you could just write your own ticket when it came to renting a space? Wouldn’t it be so much easier just to use the space when you needed it? Of course it would and you can. You can rent a great space for whatever you need to accomplish without a long (expensive) commitment. Whether you need a space to just “get it done” or you are looking at something a more regular basis like every Friday afternoon to tie things up for the week because you travel so much you can!

Sage Workspace has your office space rental ready when you need it without a long term commitment (or even a short term commitment). Get the space you need, when you need it!

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